Day of the Dead Beer

April 14/Los Angeles -- Drinks Americas announced that Arizona distributor Hensley Beverage Company has agreed to take on the company's increasingly popular authentic Mexican Day of the Dead Craft Beer and Mexicali, and incorporate the brand into their key accounts across the state.

"Hensley Beverage Company is very excited to bring Day of the Dead and Mexicali brands to Arizona. These brands provide Hensley with its first ever beer offerings in the Mexican import category. We could not have picked a better partner than the Cerveceria Mexicana Brewery which is the largest Mexican owned brewery selling brands in the United States," said Andy McCain, CFO and COO of Hensley Beverage Company.

"Hensley is a trusted partner to over 8,000 retailers, and a brand advocate to over 2,000 product labels.  The quality of products they carry, volume of products they distribute, and breadth of customers they serve throughout Arizona is truly unparalleled. We look forward to working with them and getting our authentic Mexican beer brands onto more shelves throughout the state," commented, Joseph Belli, VP of Sales, Day of the Dead Craft Beer.

Timothy Owens, chief executive officer of Drinks Americas, added, "Having Hensley as a major distributor for our brewed-in-Mexico, Mexican-owned Day of the Dead Craft Beer as well as our traditional Mexicali beer is key to our continued penetration of the Arizona market. We have already secured Whole Foods Market throughout the state and are now focused on acquiring smaller, retail accounts. Hensley will provide us with the necessary support to do this and to continue our mission to bring 'real Mexican beer' back to the U.S