Ingredion Incorporated offers a free white paper, titled, “Formulating Gelatin-Free Yogurt with a New Cost-Effective Ingredient.” The new paper presents an overview of the evolving yogurt market focusing on how ingredients, such as gelatin, contribute to textural attributes and what opportunities formulators have to replace gelatin for cost savings and labeling benefits. Yogurt offers manufacturers the opportunity to address a variety of consumer taste and texture preferences. Today’s typical yogurt formulations include milk, cultures, sweeteners and/or flavors and gelatin, which contributes several key attributes in yogurt: smooth mouthfeel, shiny appearance, stability and avoidance of syneresis.

Yet, for all of gelatin’s benefits, yogurt manufacturers are increasingly looking to either partially or completely replace gelatin in their formulations. This is partly due to increasing prices as well as supply concerns, tighter regulations and labeling for dietary concerns.

Because of gelatin’s functional properties, replacing gelatin in yogurt brings about some formulation challenges. The white paper reviews how ETENIA™ 457 maltodextrin offers a unique gelatin replacement solution in yogurt. ETENIA 457 maltodextrin, a patented enzymatically converted potato starch, efficiently replaces gelatin without compromising sensory properties or stability, while meeting the dietary requirements of kosher, halal and vegetarian/vegan.

“ETENIA 457 maltodextrin can build back or improve gel strength, giving yogurt manufacturers the ability to fully or partially replace gelatin to optimize costs and fulfill dietary concerns,” said Ivan Gonzales dairy marketing director with Ingredion Incorporated. “It offers an ingredient solution that effectively replaces gelatin in yogurt formulations, delivering similar mouthfeel, stability and texture attributes provided by gelatin with no compromise to the eating quality of the final yogurt product.” –Ingredion Incorporated,