Kalsec now offers training online, on-site and at customer locations through a newly created KalSmart™ Educational Series. These educational opportunities can help food formulators learn more about the latest trends, product innovations and applications expertise. The goal is to make food and beverages look better, taste better and last longer with naturally-sourced ingredients. 


Kalsec is a leading global producer of natural spice and herb flavor extracts, natural colors, natural antioxidants, and advanced hop products for the food and beverage industry.

“This series also provides insights into many industry challenges, such as cost optimization and cleaner label formulations,” says Gary Augustine, executive director, market development.

Some of the featured KalSmart workshops include Dry Spice Replacement, Heat Management, Natural Colors, and Meat and Poultry Oxidation Management. Kalsec also has a full range of white papers available for downloading. A complete list of workshops, descriptions and white papers are available at www.kalsec.com/science. Participants also can earn continuing education credits for completing many KalSmart workshops. —Kalsec, www.kalsec.com

Here’s an overview of Kalsec instructional workshops and offerings:

Dry Spice Replacement NEW!
Dry spices can often be unpredictible in quality, consistency and microbial stability. This workshop will show you how liquid extracts can be used to replace dry spices. Actual replacement spice demonstrations and case studies provide helpful insights to assist you in this process. 2.5 hour session, 8-12 participants

Heat Management
Consumer interest and demands for hot and spicy foods continues to grow. Learn about the latest trends and products that allow you to formulate successful new foods that consumers want! 1.5 to 4 hour sessions, 8-12 participants

Natural Colors NEW!
Explore the world of natural colors and learn how to successfully incorporate these ingredients into formulations that offer a wide array of label-friendly, visually appealing and stable food and beverages. 2 to 4 hour sessions, 8-12 participants

Meat & Poultry Oxidation Management
Learn the impact of key variables affecting oxidation in meat and poultry products. A hands-on course that allow you to not only formulate products, but eat the results! 2 day course, Kalsec® R&D Meat Applications Laboratory, 4-8 participants

Creation StationsTM
Roundtable demonstrations available at select industry trade shows demonstrating the latest Kalsec innovations and how they can be applied to your formulations.

White Papers

Naturally-Sourced Red Colors for Higher pH Food and Beverage Applications
High Stability Anthocyanin Red Hues for Food and Beverages
Natural Antioxidant Solutions for Nuts and Omega Rich Foods
HeatSync® Heat Systems for your Applications
Szechuan Pepper Extract -The Latest Heat Sensation