Nexira has developed a new extract from Balanites aegyptiaca (commonly known as desert date) containing native diosgenin and designed for the nutraceutical market. 

This product is an excellent alternative to other diosgenin sources already known such as Yam.

Desert date widely grows in tropical Africa. The tree resists to a difficult environment and the wood is used as lumber. The fruits have exceptional nutritional properties and are traditionally consumed by local people. The kernels enable to produce edible oil commonly used today in the cosmetic industry for its richness in essential fatty acids.

Nexira is working in close collaboration with local partners and is helping to enhance the value of this African wild tree which fruits are handpicked by local population with a sustainable approach.

This new ingredient offers a new source of diosgenin, which is recognized for its benefits in menopause. Extracted through a gentle solvent-free process, the ingredient is standardized to 2.5% of diosgenin.

Related benefits include:
• No nutrivigilance
• Dietary supplement status
• Complies with regulations in force

Nexira is a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality natural ingredients. Thanks to its expertise in extraction and purification, company researchers work every day to expand Nexira’s portfolio of botanical extracts with standardization that are brand new on the market. The expertise in sustainable sourcing, the control of the manufacturing process as well as an extensive R&D developed over the years enable the company to offer the most active ingredients.

— Nexira,