Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.’s natural sweeteners, specialty whole grain ingredients and pre-gelatinized and roasted grains help food and beverage manufacturers solve formulating and label challenges. 

Want to remove corn syrup from products and labels? Replace it 1:1 with natural BriesSweet Tapioca Syrup. When used at the same dextrose equivalent, BriesSweet Tapioca Syrup delivers the same sweetness and functionality as corn syrup. Tapioca syrup offers the added benefits of being non-GMO, minimally processed in the US for "made close to home" appeal, and adds only "tapioca syrup" to the ingredients list.

Last year saw Briess even challenge IFT attendees to sample mini tarts made with non-GMO, gluten free BriesSweet Tapioca Syrup versus mini tarts made with corn syrup.

— Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,