RockinRefuelSaltedCaramel225Rockin' Refuel® by Shamrock Farms released its latest flavor innovation – Salted Caramel – exclusively in 7-Eleven stores nationwide. The flavor is unique to the protein drink category and complements Rockin' Refuel's diverse product line up that has been singled out by industry experts as the 'gold standard' for taste. Salted Caramel joins Chocolate and Vanilla as part of Rockin' Refuel's popular Muscle Builder line delivering high quality protein, low sugar and low carbs to active adults.

"The first-of-its-kind Salted Caramel flavor was developed as a result of feedback from fans and professional athletes, and is the latest example of the brand's commitment to providing the best-tasting protein drink on the market," said Blake Atkinson, Director of Brand Management for Shamrock Farms. "Our goal is to lead the category in providing healthy and delicious protein beverages that are made with real milk and help people achieve their fitness goals."

Salted Caramel Muscle Builder is packed with 30 grams of protein and only nine net grams of carbs and is formulated specifically to help build muscle and strength. Its 12-oz packaging makes it a convenient on-the-go option to drink before or after a workout, or as a quick meal replacement. It's also lactose free.

Rockin' Refuel has established itself as a leader in the category with the launch of their high quality protein beverages created for muscle building and muscle recovery. Featuring the nutrition benefits and great taste of real milk, the brand separates itself from the competition by offering a more natural way to build and repair muscle.