SmariLogo225.jpgNew whole milk Smari is available now in Pure and Vanilla. Two nonfat flavors, Peach and Coconut, have hit shelves as well.

When brand founder Smari Asmundsson came to the U.S., he bit into his first fresh peach. He was so blown away by the lushly foreign, sweet flavor that he had to marry it with his first native love, Icelandic yogurt. With new inspiration came memories of an old favorite, rich moist coconut cake, and voila! Nonfat Coconut Smari is just as indulgent without any of the guilt.

But Smari isn't just about less. For over 1100 years, Icelandic yogurt has been made nonfat...until now. Smari is reimagining its heritage by keeping the fat. For healthy, growing kids and those embracing fat in their lifestyle, a pasture based, whole milk option has finally arrived. Smari's nonfat yogurt is extraordinarily creamy, but its whole milk yogurt is off the charts creamy.

Thicker than Greek yogurt and with less sugar than most yogurts on the market, Smari packs as much as 20g of protein, more protein per ounce than any other yogurts in the U.S. It's rumored that this Icelandic staple is so thick and nutrient packed that people in remote villages eat it with a knife and fork.

Organic Smari is made exclusively from organic milk and fruit. Always local and never factory farmed, Smari's Jersey and Guernsey cows live in Wisconsin and are pastured and fed grass, creating richer, thicker, more nutritious, better-tasting milk.

Anything but plain, savor an even creamier, thick whole milk Smari in Pure or try Vanilla, made with organic vanilla beans. Smari's bestselling nonfat yogurt comes in Pure, Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, and now, perfect Peach and island-inspired Coconut flavors.