EmmiYoQua4225.jpgThe new Emmi YoQua contains at least 8% protein and only 2% fat, making it a perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. And thanks to its high fruit content and creamy consistency, it also has a good taste.

Protein rocks: protein-rich foods are a global megatrend that started a few years ago in the US. While the focus there is primarily on young, body-conscious consumers, a more holistic view of the importance of proteins for a healthy diet is taken in Switzerland. Adequate protein intake is crucial for all – whether young or old, sporty or not. With YoQua, Emmi is therefore launching a Swiss response to the global protein trend. The probiotic yogurt with at least twice as much (8-10%) protein and only 2% fat is the ideal snack.

How much we eat depends on how full we feel. In reality, a range of complex processes in the stomach and central nervous system are behind this trivial statement. One thing is certain: a protein-rich snack like Emmi YoQua therefore means that hunger pangs no longer stand a chance.

Proteins are key building blocks in the body. They are required for the proper functioning of the entire body. Proteins carry out very different tasks, which are vital for the organism; they are components in muscles, the immune system, hormones and metabolism. When obtained via food, proteins are broken down by the body into their constituent parts (amino acids) to be arranged into the body’s own proteins based on an own biological code.

Adults should consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Proteins are particularly important for maintaining a healthy body both before and after sport and for older people. Foods that are particularly rich in protein include meat, fish, eggs, nuts, pulses and dairy products.