SaltedCaramel225.jpgPromised Land®, a line of all natural dairy products, announced the debut of Salted Caramel Latte flavored milk.

Salted Caramel Latte, the first of three new limited time flavors to launch in 2015, features the flavors of rich caramel swirled into a cafe-style latte, topped with a pinch of gourmet salt and blended with Promised Land's rich, wholesome Jersey milk. The new flavor will retail for $2.99 for a quart size bottle.

"We are excited to share our indulgent new Salted Caramel Latte flavor with Promised Land fans," said Allen Spence, director of marketing at Promised Land Dairy. "Our fans – or 'Moo Crew' – are our primary focus, and we love surprising them with new flavors we've spent time perfecting. We're proud to have three exciting additions in store for this year."

Promised Land is currently available in 5,424 retail stores across 32 states, and has recently expanded into Walmart stores throughout Florida.

Promised Land's array of products is comprised of white milks, creams and a variety of flavored milks. White milks include Homogenized Whole, Reduced Fat 2% and Fat Free. Promised Land's core flavored milks include Midnight Chocolate and Very Berry Strawberry. Promised Land also offers seasonal flavors such as Egg Nog.

All Promised Land products come from pampered Jersey cows that produce naturally creamier, nutrient rich milk. Promised Land products are free of artificial hormones, like rBST and rGBH, artificial flavors and antibiotics.