Lose Fat; Retain Muscle Mass

The results of a clinical study prove that a new ingredient has a significant impact on fat loss and muscle mass retention. Glanbia Nutritionals confirms that adults consuming Prolibra lost 82% more fat than the placebo group and retained twice as much muscle mass. Prolibra is a patent-pending ingredient with GRAS status that has been successfully formulated into a variety of food, beverage and supplement systems. The results of the study provide the basis for substantiated claims that can be used to support finished products containing Prolibra. Glanbia Nutritionals, Sharon Rokosh, 608-329-2800,prolibra@glanbianutritionals.com

Seeing Red

Manufacturers face two main challenges when using vitamin B12: stability and uniform distribution. LycoRed Ltd.’s highly stable vitamin B12 1% Stablets® provides a solution to both of these challenges. The vitamin B12 in Stablets’ formulation is chemically bonded to a pharmaceutical ion exchange resin, providing enhanced stability. This protects the B12 from pro-oxidants and cross-interactions that could degrade the vitamin. The B12 is not released from the resin until it enters the digestive tract, where it is made available for absorption by the body. It is uniformly distributed in the resin at 1% concentration. This is perfectly suited for dosage formulation and ideal for multivitamins in tablets as well as hard shell and softgel capsules. LycoRed’s entire new line consists of vitamin B12 formulated on a variety of carriers and with concentrations of 0.1%, 1% and 5%. LycoRed Switzerland, Joost Overeem, +41 52 6340814,joost.overeem@eu.lycored.com,www.lycored.com

Encouraging Results

With rising numbers of overweight and obese Americans, it is becoming more evident that dieting alone does not always keep off pounds. A paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that Cognis’ Tonalin® CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) could enhance overall health by effectively reducing body fat and potentially preventing weight and fat regain. CLA seems to have a beneficial effect on body composition that could be important over time, because continuous, gradual weight gain is the norm in the American adult population. In the study, it was found that participants given 3.2g a day of CLA produced a significant but modest reduction of fat (.2lbs per week or .8lbs per month), compared to the placebo group. Tonalin CLA is available in several product forms—such as oil and water-dispersible powder—offering manufacturers a broad range of options for their products. Cognis, 800-673-3702,cognis.custserv@cognis.com,www.cognis.com