JÙS by Julie’s Cashew Hummus And Crackers Snack Packs, infused with 1 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30® probiotics, are the new way to enjoy a healthy snack on-the-go with the added benefit of getting daily probiotics. Made in convenient, portable 3.34-ounce single-serving containers, the snack packs have a compartment with sprouted naturally fermented cashew hummus, created by using a unique proprietary process for sprouting and fermenting the cashews for better digestive health, infused with live probiotic cultures and another compartment with gluten-free, light and crispy multigrain crackers. Using a special strain of flavorless vegan probiotics that’s been shown to survive ten times more effectively than yogurt cultures, the snack packs support the health of the body’s immune & digestive systems and enhance protein utilization, as well as provide a wholesome, healthy snack with six grams of plant protein and six grams of fiber.

“Most people are busy and don’t have time to sit down for a full meal or snack, and a lot of grab-and-go products on the market aren’t great for you,” explains Julie Maleh, a certified health coach and founder of JÙS by Julie. “We created these cashew hummus snack packs to give people a healthy and delicious option for snacking. Not only are these convenient and compact enough to throw in your bag, they also contain probiotics to support your overall wellness.”

The certified vegan, kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO Cashew Hummus and Crackers Snack Packs come in two hummus flavors, Classic and Roasted Garlic. They are sealed for protection and have a 45 day shelf life. The light, smooth and creamy cashew hummus in the packs is sprouted and fermented for better taste and nutrition while the gluten-free light and crispy multigrain cracker provides a vessel for dipping. The snack packs can be purchased by anyone within the continental United States on JUS by Julie’s website (jusbyjulie.com). The packs are also available through distributor Albert’s Organics and can be found at select Fairway, Dean’s Natural Food Market, and Morton Williams locations as well as other health and fine foods stores throughout New York and New Jersey.