No Regrets

The collagen proteins in VITARCAL, from GELITA, provide pleasure with no regrets in weight management products. Without compromising sensory profiles, the company claims to deliver convincing solutions to develop up-to-date products. VITARCAL is a holistic range of collagen proteins delivering solutions to weight management products, without compromising their sensory profiles, says GELITA. Thanks to its ability to create 2-phase water-in-water systems, VITARCAL can provide a creamy mouthfeel by mimicking fat in suitable food products. With its outstanding water-binding and foaming capabilities, it increases the volume of food, in order to decrease the weight per serving. This means the energy content per serving is much lower, says the company. Additionally, the net-energy yield from protein is lower than from carbohydrate, as protein digestion is more complex and demands more effort on the part of the body. GELITA AG,

Novel Food Ingredient Safe by EFSA
As reported in E-dition, Prepared Foods electronic newsletter, Stratum Nutrition's chitin-glucan novel food ingredient, branded ARTINIA, is considered safe as a food ingredient, at the proposed conditions of use and intake levels, by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (DNA). ARTINIA (listed as KiOnutrime-CG in the EFSA's scientific opinion) is a high-purity, natural, fungal ingredient that features the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers. As reviewed by the Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies, the novel food ingredient is intended to be marketed as a food supplement, in the form of a powder in different formats, such as gelatin capsules or tablets, to increase the daily intake of fiber. The intended intake of chitin-glucan is 2-5g/day. At the highest dose administered in a 13-week rat study (equivalent to 6.6g/kg body weight per day in males), no adverse effects were observed.

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Magnificently Fortified
Americans may not be getting enough of magnesium, an essential nutrient. Mag-nificentÆ, from ICL Performance Products, supplies magnesium and phosphorus in one ingredient to support the recommended dietary guidelines. Mag-nificent can be used in infant formulas, geriatric beverages, nutritional supplements, vitamins and RTE cereals. It is also compatible for use with calcium phosphates, which helps result in a balance of all essential minerals, the company states. By providing magnesium, says ICL, Mag-nificent can help in the formation of bones and teeth, by assisting with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, ICL claims, Mag-nificent helps with muscle relaxation after workouts and can prevent depression and dizziness. ICL Performance Products LP, 800-244-6169,

The Pros Have It
Glanbia Nutritionals has been granted a U.S. patent for Prolibra, a whey-derived ingredient including proprietary whey peptides. In two independent clinical trials, it has been shown to significantly decrease fat mass, while maintaining lean body mass, in combination with a hypo-caloric diet, claims the company. Prolibra helps reduce post-prandial glycemic response, an acknowledged dietary approach for achieving healthy weight loss. Prolibra offers a clean, neutral flavor and can be added to a wide variety of consumer products, such as nutrition bars, snacks and a range of beverage applications. Glanbia Nutritionals, 608-329-2800,

Help for Childrenís Dermatitis
An independent study, conducted by the University of Copenhagen, shows a possible benefit from Daniscoís Bi-07 probiotic for young children with eczema (atopic dermatitis). The study involved a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled intervention in which 50 children with AD, aged 7-24 months, were given supplements containing either Danisco's L. acidophilus NCFM (1010 CFU/day), B. lactis Bi-07 (1010 CFU/day) or a placebo for 8 weeks. During the study period, no adverse effects were reported in this otherwise-sensitive population of children and a significant reduction in severity of AD in the Bi-07 group. Danisco,

Winnersí Circle
Speed skater Katherine Reutter credited her championship-level endurance at the 2010 Olympics to a bioactive supplement that has fortified her during years of punishing training. Her secret is D-Ribose, a naturally occurring carbohydrate that, in powder form, can be added to beverages and foods. Bioenergy Life Science Inc. makes Bioenergy Ribose available to food, beverage and natural supplement manufacturers. Bioenergy Life Science Inc.,   NS

Energy Anywhere
AgroLabs Inc. announced recently the newest addition to its shot format line-up. The Superfruit Immune Boosterô with EpiCor is now available for purchase at major club stores nationwide and online at in the convenient, 3oz-shot format. Superfruit Immune Booster combines the health benefits of EpiCor, a clinically-researched, all-natural and nutritional dietary supplement that supports a healthy immune system, with the powerful effects of the aÁai berry, says the company. Consumers can take the shot format on-the-go, to help support healthy energy levels, a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy immune system, according to AgroLabs.

EpiCor is exclusively manufactured by Embria Health Sciences, a premier raw material supplier of science-backed natural health ingredients. Embria Health Sciences,