May 9/May 2011 NutraSolutions “NutraNews”-- Cyvex Nutrition recently announced its branded weight management ingredient, SolaThin, a pure potato protein extract consisting of several low-molecular-weight proteins, including protease inhibitor PI-2. The company’s newest vegetable-sourced offering contains no added

compounds and features more than 90% protein, PI-2 included, to promote optimized satiety and healthful, effective weight control, according to Cyvex. PI-2 is claimed to enable the release of cholecystokinin (CKK), a naturally occurring peptide clinically shown to produce a feeling of gastric fullness, and thus can help reduce food consumption up to 20%, in reported results. GMO-free Sola­Thin undergoes rigorous identity testing and third-party certification to assure a safe, pure and highly bioavailable end-product. Cyvex Nutrition,