An October 2011 report from the Hudson Institute entitled “Better-For-You Foods--It’s Just Good Business” found food and beverage companies with a high percentage of sales in the better-for-you (BFY) category also do better financially. Metrics reviewed include sales growth, operating profits, returns to shareholders and company reputation. The report focused on weight management products, but results may well extend to other BFY foods. (See Once again, Prepared Foods, under its NutraSolutions brand, offers the “Ingredients for Health Reference” that provides market data and information on commercially available ingredients to provide assistance in the development of products targeting various health benefits. The categories are as follows:

•Antioxidants for Health

•Bone and Joint Health

•Cancer: Reducing Risk

•Cardiovascular Health

Cognitive Health

Diabetic Benefits

Digestive Health

Energy and/or Sports Performance

•Eye Health

•Immunity Enhancement

•Weight Management

•General Health

•Additional Ingredients