Alchem USA Inc.’s new ReQollect is a natural, plant-derived vinpocetine (ethyl apovincaminate) for memory and cognitive function. ReQollect is a branded, high-purity vinpocetine from periwinkle and Voacanga africana plants. Vinpocetine often is called the “smart nutrient,” for its studied ability to help improve cognitive function and memory by increasing blood circulation through the brain. Vinpocetine is commonly used for enhancing memory, as well as for helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that affect learning, memory and information-processing skills as people age. It also could help protect the brain from damage caused by strokes. Vinpocetine has been the subject of several published clinical studies involving more than 30,000 individuals. Alchem USA has developed a white paper summarizing research on vinpocetine to assist product development managers when creating new formulations for memory, focus and aging. — Alchem USA Inc., NS