ExocyanNexira’s Exocyan is an extract of a unique, small acid cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) grown exclusively in North and South America. Nexira’s Exocyan product line is standardized on the content of proanthocyanidines (PACs), a type of flavonoid with antioxidant and other health properties. This berry is naturally packed with polyphenols and PACs. Most other plants and berries rich in polyphenols (such as grapes and green tea) contain B-type PACs. However, cranberry contains a majority of A-type PACs, which have healthy aging qualities. A-type PACs also demonstrate antibacterial activity. The anti-adhesion property of A-type PACs is the basis of the cranberry’s extraordinary ability to improve urinary tract health. Thanks to its low sugar content and a controlled acidity, Exocyan also can be safety used in dental care applications, without any risk of enamel tooth demineralization, says the company. Nexira offers Exocyan in soluble and insoluble forms. –Nexira