Jelly Belly, sport beansJelly Belly Candy Company, Fairfield, Calif., added two new flavors to Sport Beans®Energizing Jelly Beans®, its line of sports performance jelly beans for endurance athletes.

Officials say new Juicy Pear and Green Apple varieties are made with real fruit juices and purees and colors derived from natural sources, and are gluten free. Scientifically formulated for sports performance, Sport Beans jelly beans provide 25g of carbohydrates for fuel; electrolytes to maintain fluid balance; and vitamins to help burn carbs and fat and protect muscles against oxidative damage.

Consuming carbohydrates and electrolytes during exercise lasting about 60 minutes or longer prevents fatigue and boosts performance, according to many scientific studies and the American College of Sports Medicine, a leading professional organization on sports performance.

Jelly Belly says each of the nine flavors of Sport Beans are packaged in 100-calorie single serving packets for “portable power before, during and after exercise.” The variety provided by nine flavors allows athletes to select a favorite or to enjoy the range and escape taste monotony.

Juicy Pear and Green Apple join Sport Beans flavors of Lemon Lime, Orange, Berry and Fruit Punch; and the Extreme Sport Beans®, a caffeinated variety, available in Pomegranate, Watermelon and Cherry.

Sport Beans ( are available in sporting goods stores, running and cycling shops and major grocery chains nationwide.