Drinkers who battle hangover symptoms may now have a more preventive – and better tasting – measure than homespun remedies.


Research presented at the 12th Annual Scripps Natural Supplements Conference shows that an "anti-hangover drink" on the market may come to the rescue of hangover sufferers.  A clinical study by independent contract research organization Medicus Research demonstrates that RESQWATER™ appears to be effective in reducing hangover symptoms and supporting sleep quality and next day cognitive function in those who consume the beverage with every few drinks of alcohol and before bed.


"RESQWATER™ contains ingredients such as prickly pear and milk thistle which possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and have been shown in previous studies to reduce hangover symptoms," says Medicus Research founder Dr. Jay Udani who led the clinical study. "Participants in our clinical were included because they often feel hangover symptoms after consuming alcohol."


"This clinical study also revealed that RESQWATER™ helped to speed the recovery from the symptoms of a hangover and clinical study participants scored significantly higher on cognitive function tests than when they consumed placebo,” says Dr. Udani. “This may help reduce the cognitive slowing or ‘fogginess’ that may accompany the 'morning after' drinking."


RESQWATER™ contains a proprietary blend of natural and organic ingredients, including B vitamins, organic prickly pear cactus fruit extract, electrolytes, milk thistle, organic cane sugar, water and amino acid N-Acetyl-Cysteine. The product does not contain any stimulants, and is certified kosher, gluten free and vegan.


In the clinical study by Medicus, participants (men and women ages 21-50) who drank RESQWATER™  with every two to three drinks (1.5oz tequila shots) and right before bed displayed higher cognitive function – including processing speed, decision-making and attention span – the following day than drinkers who did not consumer the product. The clinical test also demonstrated better sleep quality and faster recovery from physiological symptoms of hangover amongst those who drank RESQWATER™ versus placebo.


"While there are a number of factors that can determine severity of a hangover, our test group of mixed age and gender had the same meal, consumed the same type of alcohol and reached the same blood alcohol content," says Dr. Udani, who is a leading researcher of natural products and dietary supplements.


"We created RESQWATER™ because we believe a night of fun should never be followed by a morning of misery. Whether celebrating, entertaining business associates, enjoying a wine tasting or watching the big game, we feel people should be able to enjoy a few drinks and still be prepared to handle whatever life throws at them the next day," says Troy Michels, co-founder and CEO of Intelligent Beverages, LLC, Scottsdale, Ariz.


"We wanted an 'anti-hangover drink' that tastes good and is good for you, so we formulated a product that contains natural and organic ingredients and is stimulant-free.  We are thrilled that this independent research confirms its effectiveness."


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