Tradewinds®, a company inspired by a family tradition of slow-brewing sweet tea, is making waves with the introduction of Tradewinds® Jimmy Buffett’s Island Tea. The five unique flavors available nationally include: Pineapple Coconut White Tea, Peach Mango Black Tea, Tropical Citrus Green Tea, Paradise Punch Hibiscus Tea and Strawberry Lime Black Tea. 


Inspired by singer, songwriter and author, Jimmy Buffett, Tradewinds® partnered with Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC to create Island Tea – delicious blends of tropical fruit flavor and refreshing iced tea. The new line uses natural flavors and natural sweeteners to add a signature, flavor-packed taste in every sip. The 18.5 –ounce single-serve bottle contains only 110 calories per bottle. From the tropical flavors to the packaging inspired by Jimmy’s lifestyle, the Caribbean influence clearly shines through and nods to the relaxing atmosphere of an island getaway.

“We are so excited to be partnered with Margaritaville, as both Tradewinds and Jimmy Buffett embody relaxation and escapism,” said Julia Balakrishnan, Associate Marketing Manager of Tradewinds®. “These Island Teas will send you to a guilt-free tropical oasis after just one sip!”

“Our goal is to provide people the chance to experience the Margaritaville way of life, whatever their latitude, and the launch of Jimmy Buffett’s Island Tea Line will create that escape with every delicious taste,” said Tom Keane, president of Margaritaville Foods. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a well-regarded and like-minded brand as Tradewinds.”