IFF used the Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) annual expo in New Orleans to demonstrate “freshness” using all the senses. Through its leading consumer insights research, IFF has discovered that freshness encompasses the state, or property, of a product. Likewise, freshness is a dynamic that consumers can smell or feel–and it also is perceived to contribute to a person’s well-being. 


IFF built a showcase for RCA’s Expo to demonstrate the “Art of Freshness,” a five-step journey that stimulates an individual’s sense of taste, smell, sight and hearing. With the assistance of an iPad and a pair of ear buds, IFF invited visitors to step into its interactive booth. There, they experienced the sounds that took them along the freshness journey, smelled the “key” moments, admired the visual representations inspired by those moments—and finally, they tasted a uniquely fresh bespoke beverage.

Key steps along the IFF “Art of Freshness” journey included…

Earth: Mother Nature, rain in the garden, the scent of fresh dewy earth;

Cajun Mirepoix: in honor of the host city, the so-called “holy trinity” of onions, green bell peppers, and celery, and the sound of fresh vegetables being chopped;

Biga: the pre-fermentation used in Italian baking, authentic fresh baked bread aroma and the sound of breaking crusty bread;

Juicy Orange: an aroma of and authentic, ripe, juicy and delicious orange, the sounds of a carbonated soft drink being poured and its bubbles bursting;

Fresh Citrus Herb Sparkler: Visitors sampled a softly carbonated clear beverage featuring IFF’s Gala Apple Generessence,™ Chulo Lime and Chervil flavors, with a proprietary freshness flavor.

Tasting the Citrus Herb Sparkler at the end of the journey is proof that freshness—a key driver for consumer liking—can be delivered utilizing a variety of flavor technologies.

IFF says its visitors enjoyed the journey tremendously; often instinctively connecting the sights and sounds they were exposed to with the key moments presented in the exhibit. This further reinforces research supplied by IFF’s consumer insights.

Visit IFF’s web site to learn more about the art of formulating freshness into new foods and beverages.—International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., www.iff.com.