High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a non-thermal pasteurization process in which packaged foods are processed under extreme high pressures. The pressure inactivates food pathogens and extends the shelf life of the products while keeping their flavor and nutrients. HPP technologies are currently used for preserving foods such as meats, juices, vegetable products and seafood without adding preservatives. 

Avure and Hiperbaric are the two major HPP equipment suppliers in the world, and they have retained most of the market share in western countries. On the other hand, Baotou KeFa, the Chinese market leader of HPP machine manufacturing, has been partnered with US companies to expand into western markets. Visiongain expects the total number of industrial HPP machines installed worldwide will exceed 350 in 2015.

While a number of food manufacturers purchased HPP equipment to process their own products, some have outsourced HPP to tolling service providers. The HPP tolling industry is most prominent in North America and Europe. We expect the global HPP equipment and service market will hit $0.33B in 2015.

Meats, especially RTE meats are traditionally the biggest category of HPP foods. This segment continues to see strong growth, especially for raw meats. On the other hand, the 'cleanse' craze in developed countries has raised the demand for super premium juices, which results in the explosive growth of HPP juices in recent years. Visiongain predicts the global HPP food market will reach $9.8B in 2015.

Rising concerns over food safety and the growing demand for processed food all over the world are the major forces driving the growth of the global HPP technologies market. Furthermore, consumers increasingly appreciate high quality products with natural and fresh flavor. A new HPP trade association may help educate food manufacturers and retailers as well as customers to promote the HPP technology. Visiongain believes the HPP technologies market will continue to exhibit robust growth during the forecast period.

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