The global low-calorie sweeteners market will see significant growth in the next 10 years, doubling in its size by 2025. Visiongain estimates that in 2015 the market will be worth $11.4 billion. The major drivers of the low-calorie sweeteners market include the growing demand for diet food, increasing levels of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Moreover, in a market environment where sugar prices are constantly rising, food and beverage manufacturers are forced to look for ingredients that can substitute an expensive product. In light of this, non-caloric sweeteners are seen as sugar alternatives which comply with consumer needs for healthy food.

The low-calorie sweeteners market report comprises the analysis of eight major low-calorie sweeteners submarkets including stevia, xylitol, aspartame, sucralose, cyclamate, saccharin, Ace-K and the segment of the other low-calorie sweeteners. Natural low-calorie sweeteners are seen as the most promising segment of the market in the long term. The major driver of this category is the increasing demand for natural ingredients. At the same time, various segments within the synthetic sweeteners market will experience a slowdown in sales and decreasing annual growth rates.

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