Building on success with its Up&Go liquid meal drinks, Australian Health & Nutrition Association Limited, Berkeley Vale, NSW, has extended its Sanitarium line with two new reduced-sugar varieties: Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice.


“Sanitarium’s UP&GO Reduced Sugar has one-third less sugar than regular UP&GO, and the protein and fiber of two Weet-Bix and milk in every 250ml serving—offering you a nutritious start when you’ve got to get up and go,” the company says. “So for those days when you want to pack a lot into your morning with a run, a surf or hitting the gym, UP&GO gives you the freedom to do it all when you can’t slow down.”


Looking back

In 1998, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing figured it was time for a convenient breakfast option. Combining its beverage technology with its breakfast cereal nutritional credentials, Sanitarium launched Up&Go creating a liquid breakfast category in a world first innovation.


“Our nutritionists and food scientists were keen to create a convenient and nutritious breakfast option for busy people,” the company says. “The result - when it comes to protein, energy, fiber, fat content and important vitamins and minerals, Up&Go really is a great breakfast option and far better than stopping at the local take-away on the way to work, school or play!”


“Sanitarium’s innovation in the liquid breakfast category is not yet complete,” officials note. “We’re committed to continually improve our products as new technologies and ingredients come to market.”


New Up&Go Reduced Sugar is just one of those important product line extensions. Likewise, the company is rolling its mainline Up&Go product line (in different packaging) into the UK this spring.


Sanitarium Up&Go is marketed and sold in Australia and New Zealand and 250ml meets the Australian School Canteen green light criteria. Sanitarium’s broad line includes breakfast cereals and biscuits, dairy alternatives (soy, almond and coconut milks), spreads (marmite, peanut butter) and snacks.