Ghirardelli225.jpgThe Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, maker of premium chocolate products, launched Ghirardelli Chocolate and Caramel Sauces as well as new Brownie flavored SQUARES and Bars.

Ghirardelli Premium Sauces are available in two flavors, Chocolate (16 oz.) and Caramel (17 oz.), and offer a rich, indulgent experience. These appealing sauces give Ghirardelli fans the opportunity to replicate the beloved Ghirardelli ice cream experience right in their own homes. Available now, Ghirardelli Premium Sauces retail for $4.99 each.

In addition to topping ice cream sundaes and elevating the milkshake, The Premium Sauces can be used in a range of desserts as well as for hot chocolate, lattes and other coffee beverages, and even an indulgent chocolate martini. The Premium Sauces feature a no-mess, non-drip cap, an easy-to-squeeze bottle that lets users control the amount of sauce delivered and can be stored either right side up or upside down.

Inspired by recent success among consumers, Ghirardelli is launching four new brownie flavored chocolates. The new brownie inspired flavors include one new SQUARES flavor: Milk and Sea Salt Brownie in a 4.6 oz. stand-up bag as well as three new Bar flavors: Milk Chocolate Caramel Brownie (3.5 oz.), Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie (3.5 oz.), and Milk Chocolate Brownie (3.45 oz.).

“We’re thrilled to introduce Ghirardelli Premium Sauces and Ghirardelli Brownie flavored SQUARES and Bars,” said Marty Thompson, CEO, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. “These launches are a direct response to consumer feedback. Our customers have so much passion and love for our Ghirardelli brownie mixes that we decided to make a chocolate flavor inspired by them. The Premium Sauces, which are in high-demand in ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, are going to excite consumers now that they can bring this experience into their own homes.”