Les Mills International Ltd., a global fitness and training company based in Auckland, New Zealand, has launched LES MILLS™ Good Protein powder, a low carbohydrate mix with only six ingredients. Officials say this “close-to-source,” dairy-based protein is from grass-fed cows and sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

“After asking our instructor tribe, we found many of the sports nutrition products they were using contain added sugars, fructose, fillers, and artificial sweeteners,” says Dr. Jackie Mills, group fitness director, Les Mills International.

The powder contains the same ratio and types of proteins as found in real milk: whey and casein. This is how milk protein appears in its natural state. Whey gives a fast release of amino acids, and casein provides a slower release over several hours. Together, they provide optimum muscle recovery.

Officials say LES MILLS Good Protein provides energy, assists muscle recovery and helps manage appetite cravings.

LES MILLS Good Protein is currently only available in the United States. It comes in a 2.3lb. pouch for $69 MSRP. Each pouch contains 30 servings and comes in Natural Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. LES MILLS Good Protein is available for purchase in the United States at https://shop.lesmills.com/nutrition.

“We want to help transform global health by preventing the major issues caused by inactivity and diet,” adds Dr. Mills. “Chronic disease is rife and largely preventable. Along with exercise, good nutrition is an essential part of creating positive health changes.”

Les Mills publishes a range of science-based nutrition education material online. Dr. Mills says the aim is to encourage sustainable changes that last a lifetime.

Dr. Mills concludes, “We are passionate about eating food closer to its source. But we realize people have busy lives, and sometimes they need a bit of extra help to reach their fitness and health goals.”

To read more about Les Mills nutrition education, visit: www.lesmills.com/nutrition.

About Les Mills Les Mills International Limited is the creator of 13 global group fitness and team training programs, including BODYPUMP™ (weights),BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts), RPM™ (indoor cycling), LES MILLS GRIT™ (30-minute high intensity interval training) and the BORN TO MOVE™ series of movement to music for toddlers through to teens.