Snack cake brand Tastykake launched a new line of Mini Cupcakes. The line includes mini versions of two of Tastykake's classic treats and one new variety sure to become a fan favorite. Two of the cakes feature REESE'S® and HERSHEY'S® Brand ingredients.

The Tastykake Mini Cupcake varieties are:

• Mini Peanut Butter Swirly Cupcakes, which feature chocolate cupcakes filled with peanut butter creme and topped with peanut butter icing made with REESE'S® Brand Peanut Butter.

• Mini Swirly Cupcakes with chocolate cake made with HERSHEY'S® Cocoa topped with chocolate icing and white creme filling.

• Mini Koffee Kake Cupcakes, which are crumb-covered, creme-filled coffee cake cupcakes.

Tastykake's Mini Cupcakes are a sweet addition to any pantry. Each box comes with eight packs of three mini cakes. The box has been designed with a perforated tear tab that creates an opening for consumers to see how many packs are inside. This makes it easier to grab a snack and to see when it's time to restock. Tastykake Mini Cupcakes are available for $3.99 everywhere Tastykake is sold.

"We're thrilled to provide mini versions of classic and new Tastykake treats for fans to enjoy and expand our flavor offerings," said Brent Bradshaw, Flowers Foods' vice president of cake marketing. "These new treats are great for sharing and conveniently packaged for both on-the-go and at-home snacking.”