Say "hello" to the first-ever, bite-sized offerings from Lindt USA, proving that big tastes can come in small bites. Lindt HELLO Bites, the latest addition to the Lindt HELLO collection, feature three mouthwatering flavors covered in premium milk or dark chocolate: HELLO Pretzel Bites, HELLO Toffee Bites and HELLO Minty Bites. These pop-able treats offer handfuls of flavor and are sure to satisfy any craving. Throughout the month of August, chocolate lovers are encouraged to visit the Lindt Unwrapped Blog, and share a "bite" about themselves on Twitter and Instagram using #ABiteAboutMe for the chance to win sweet prizes.

A "Handful" About HELLO Bites

HELLO Bites offer a sweet, convenient and premium pick-me-up for any moment in the day. The new bite-sized pieces come ready-to-eat in vibrant, resealable bags, making them perfect for sharing with friends and family, or snacking on-the-go.

The new HELLO Bites, available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on, join the existing line of premium chocolate bars, sticks and mini stick bags within the trendy HELLO collection. Learn a "bite" about the three new, exciting flavors and unique textures:

  • HELLO Pretzel Bites: Crunchy pretzels sprinkled with salt and covered in creamy milk chocolate
  • HELLO Toffee Bites: Buttery, crunchy toffee sprinkled with salt and coated in velvety milk chocolate
  • HELLO Minty Bites: Soft mint center drenched in rich dark chocolate

"With salty pretzel, buttery toffee and refreshing mint centers wrapped in premium chocolate and served in bite-sized pieces, HELLO Bites offer consumers a handful of flavor," says Thomas Linemayr, CEO and President, Lindt USA. "We're thrilled to introduce HELLO Bites nationwide, providing chocolate lovers with a fun and unique tasting experience, sure to fulfill any craving."