LindtLogo225.jpgLindt USA introduced a selection of innovative chocolate offerings, featuring classic snack ingredients and elevated sweet and salty flavor combinations. From creamy salted caramel centers to crunchy snack inclusions, the newest products include: LINDOR Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt truffles, HELLO Sweet Popcorn bars and sticks, HELLO Dark Chocolate Cookie bars and sticks, HELLO Salted Caramel bars and sticks, and CLASSIC RECIPE Salted Pretzel bars. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers worked together to analyze the latest flavor trends and combine the finest ingredients to create the perfectly balanced sweet and salty premium chocolate recipes.

"With sweet and salty combinations on the rise, the new offerings satisfy consumer demand while creating the ultimate chocolate tasting experience," says Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. "Our new recipes take classic snack ingredients to a whole new level. We've combined the highest quality chocolate with everyday treats people love, such as popcorn, pretzels and cookies, resulting in premium sweet and salty chocolate varieties that will please any palate."