Egg Innovations launched a new egg brand, Blue Sky Family Farms, which was made available in major supermarkets across the Midwest starting Aug. 15.

Blue Sky Family Farms hold to the highest Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) "Certified Humane" standards for Free Range and Pasture Raised eggs. To illustrate the difference and help consumers get to know their eggs, Blue Sky Family Farms introduces the Rating Animal Welfare (R.A.W.) Scorecard.

"We're ecstatic to launch Blue Sky Family Farms to meet the demand for a better egg and more ethical treatment of chickens," said John Brunnquell, founder and president of Egg Innovations and the new Blue Sky Family Farms brand. "A majority of organic egg producing hens still do not get access to the outdoors. We're announcing the R.A.W. Scorecard to help shoppers understand and find the best egg for their families."

With its new tag line, "Ethical Eggs for the Humane Race," Blue Sky Family Farms holds to the highest standard of animal welfare. All hens get a Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) "certified" Free Range minimum of two square feet of outside space and more than 108 square feet of Pasture Raised space. Blue Sky Family Farms' eggs are raised by local family farmers throughout the Midwest.

The R.A.W. Scorecard rates animal welfare in the egg industry across four levels from one star Caged to Pasture Raised with four stars. Cage Free is rated two stars and Free Range is three.

In addition to great tasting humane eggs, families can feel good about their purchase supporting Family Farmers in America through Egg Innovations industry leading partner farmer contract lengths and returns.