Celanese Corporation will use Food Ingredients Europe 2015 in Paris, France, will share its vision for innovation, quality and supplier responsibility in the high intensity sweetener and food preservative industry. Celanese also will showcase two new formulations in its Qorus® Sweetener System portfolio.

With reports of food recalls on the rise, and the costs of those recalls nearly doubling since 2002 due to a combination of regulatory changes and the advent of an increasingly globalized food supply chain (source: Food Safety News, July 2015), food and beverage producers must demand more from their food ingredient suppliers.

“Consumer trust for food and beverage manufacturers is critical, and in a world of ‘connectivity and convergence,’ the need to protect the reputation of a brand has become even more important,” says Scott Sutton, president of Materials Solutions for Celanese. “Food ingredients from Celanese help protect and enhance consumer brands with the delivery of pure, reliable and responsible high intensity sweetener and food preservative products.”

Brands are constantly innovating to meet the needs of consumer tastes and lifestyles. Ongoing consolidation in the food and beverage industry places pressures on producers to be innovative, efficient and lean in their manufacturing processes, while ensuring the health and well-being of the food and beverages consumers eat and drink.

In response to this demand, at Food Ingredients Europe 2015, Celanese will unveil what it calls, “Four Keys to Food and Beverage Producers’ Success” when working with high intensity sweetener and preservative manufacturers, as follows:

1.Pure Materials: consistently high quality, predictable purity and stability, and tight product specifications should be demanded by food and beverage producers.

2. Reliable Materials: sweetener and preservative manufacturers should adhere to the most extensive food safety and security controls, with direct and reliable regulatory product support.

3. Accountable Suppliers: food and beverage manufacturers should demand sweetener and preservative suppliers have full traceability from production through distribution to customer and be accountable to international or national food safety laws.

4. Recall Responsibility & Support: food ingredients manufacturers must be available to assist food and beverage producers with timely, responsive customer support in recall situations.

Qorus® Sweetener System Grows with Two New Formulations

In addition to the company’s four-point vision for supporting food and beverage producers’ success when working with sweetener and preservative manufacturers, Celanese will be showcasing its food ingredients product portfolio during Food Ingredients Europe 2015 in Paris from December 1-3 in Hall 6, Stand I35.

“At FI Europe, Celanese will be presenting two new additions to its innovative Qorus® Sweetener System to producers and formulators in the beverage industry at the biannual show in Paris,” says Christoph Katz, business director of the food ingredients business of Celanese. “We invite attendees to visit our booth and sample various beverages sweetened with our new Qorus® 2150 sweetener.”

The two new formulations being introduced to the innovative Qorus® Sweetener System include:

• Qorus® 2150: a ready-to-use sweetener system optimized for flavored milk drinks, citrus flavors, red fruit drinks, and energy drinks to achieve a balance between sweetness and flavor while masking off-notes for no- and low-calorie beverages and maintaining a sugar-like taste.

• Qorus® 4100: a perfect sweetener for applications that require an extremely high intensity of sweetness. This ready-to-use formulation can help manufacturers achieve 50-100% of sugar reduction and balance sweetness and flavor while masking off-notes for no- and low-calorie beverages and maintaining a sugar-like taste.

The Qorus® Sweetener System is designed to replace sucrose/HFCS in foods and beverages and is identified as “acesulfame potassium, sucralose and natural flavors” on packaging labels.

Qorus® is based on high quality acesulfame potassium. The patented sweetener system significantly reduces the bitter aftertaste of traditional no- or low-calorie sweeteners, increases the sweetness perception, and shortens lingering aftertaste. The modifier inside the Qorus® Sweetener System does not add its own taste.

Celanese products showcased at FI Europe: Sunett®, potassium sorbate and sorbic acid

At the FI Europe 2015 exposition, Celanese will also discuss its Sunett® sweetener brand of acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). Along with its rapid solubility, high versatility and its ability to withstand various processing conditions, Sunett® high intensity sweetener provides absolute product consistency.

“Celanese is the inventor of Ace-K and pioneered the idea of synergistic sweeteners,” says Katz. “Sunett® is the only Western produced brand of this all-important sweetener. Our consistently high quality and reliable supply is well received when brand protection and quality matters most.”

Celanese will also showcase its potassium sorbate and sorbic acid preservatives for use in foods and beverages. As the only Western producer of sorbates, Celanese’s preservatives are effective against molds, yeast and many bacteria, and help to protect product and brand reputation, provide food safety, and reduce food waste.

Both technical and commercial teams will be available at the Celanese booth Hall 6, Stand I35 to discuss upcoming projects with customers as well as how the Celanese food ingredients portfolio can help solve the challenges of today’s food and beverage blends. To set up a meeting at the expo, please contact Celanese at qorus@celanese.com or learn more by visiting www.qorus.celanese.com.

About Celanese

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