With the national release of Mtn Dew® Black Label® the brand is unveiling a 'deeper darker DEW®.' A carbonated soft drink made with real sugar, crafted dark berry flavor and herbal bitters, Mtn Dew Black Label represents a refined lifestyle and state of mind.

In the fall of 2015, Mtn Dew Black Label was released exclusively at approximately 600 colleges and universities, giving students a first taste of the unique new beverage. The thirst for the darker and more mysterious side of DEW was clear as word quickly spread across social media networks and product flew off campus shelves.

"DEW Nation loves to have a damn good time, and Mtn Dew Black Label adds a touch of class to those awesome moments," said Greg Lyons, senior vice president of marketing, Mountain Dew. "It's a beverage that satisfies a taste for life's finer things without sacrificing the boldness of DEW."