Nona Lim’s new line of savory Asian-inspired soup and broth cups are made for a mobile pick-me-up enjoyed chilled or heated. This on-trend new savory option is a healthier foundation for daily drinking than high-calorie juices or sweetened beverages. With Asian-inspired choices like Carrot Ginger and Thai Curry and Lime Bone Broth, the products offer a savory choices for the beverage aisle.

"Broth and soup beverages are an exciting trend that provide a savory alternative for a quick and nutritious snack or meal.” Says Nona Lim Founder Nona Lim. “Our individualized cups are the most convenient way to drink bone broth or tomato soup instead of sugary soda or caffeinated coffee at any point during the day.”

The Nona Lim launch of individualized 10-ounce cups of soup and broth come in six of the brand’s most popular flavors: Carrot Ginger Soup, Tomato Soup, Zucchini Soup, Thai Curry and Lime Bone Broth, Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth and Miso Ramen Vegan Broth. The cups are perfect for sipping cold, a major trend, or heating up quickly in a microwave. The broths and soups have clean labels of only wholesome ingredients, a $4.99 SRP, and shelf life of 30 days refrigerated.