Flavorful, pasture-raised Pekin duck is the star of two new premium bone broth varieties from Pacific Foods: Organic Duck and Organic Poultry, a special chicken, turkey and duck blend. The first of their kind, the shelf-stable offerings are hitting shelves now, widening flavor options for consumers flocking to bone broth as the nutritional value and wellness benefits gain popularity.

Packed with 7 grams of protein per serving, the new bone broths elevate the sipping experience and make it simple to add depth to braises, sauces and more without the hassle of making homemade. The flavor profiles include:

  • Duck Bone Broth: The savory, full-bodied flavor is a staple component in French and Asian cuisine, and comforting sipped straight from a mug
  • Poultry Bone Broth: A rich blend of chicken, turkey and duck creates a well-rounded flavor profile that works well in virtually any recipe

As with its other bone broths, Pacific’s Organic Duck and Organic Poultry Broths are made with only humanely raised animal proteins and certified organic ingredients. Packaged in 8 ounce, BPA-free aseptic cartons, they’re currently rolling out at select West Coast natural food retailers and will be available online this fall with a SRP of $4.99 - $5.59 per carton.