Tybee Sauce

After years of creating and testing recipes for just the right hot sauce blend, Gerald Schantz, owner of Gerald’s Pig & Shrimp on Tybee Island, found a balanced blend in what he now calls Tybee Sauce.

Wanting to capture the atmosphere and flavors of the island, Gerald’s hot sauce is both sweet and spicy and features ingredients such as mangos, carrots, and habaneros.

Tybee Sauce does not sit on the restaurant's retails shelves for long, primarily because of its popularity but also because Gerald himself is the only one that knows the recipe. In fact, Gerald not only makes the hot sauce, he also bottles and labels the speciality food product as well. This "Breeze Sweet, Beach Heat" hot sauce compliments just about any BBQ recipe but is especially tasty in coleslaw.

Savannah Blood Mary Mix

Jeremy Diehl, a head chef at Elizabeth's on 37th in Savannah, Ga., and his wife, Kelly Yambor, were enjoying a meal at one of Savannah's finest hotels when he was informed the hotel "proudly" served Charleston bloody mary mix.

Slightly miffed by the idea he was in Savannah but drinking a "proudly served" product from nearby Charleston prompted Diehl to get to work on making his own Bloody Mary Mix masterpiece. After creating 40 different test versions in his Tybee Island home (Savannah's Beach), Savannah Bloody Mary Mix was born and is now sold in more than 40 restaurants and retail spots city-wide. Restaurants agree, Diehl has created a superior product with no preservatives or fillers.