Known for its relentless commitment to innovation, MicroThermics always offers the next generation of lab technology to simulate production processes. That’s what made Microthermics a world leader in small-scale UHT, HTST and aseptic processing.

Now the company is pleased to introduce the first truly automated aseptic fillers for R&D laboratory use.

Providing a high level of assurance, they fill bottles at a rate of 250 or 500 bottles per hour (model dependent). Just as in production, they automatically sterilize the filling chamber while the processor goes through its SIP process, which also sterilizes the filler’s product lines.

Once the SIP process is complete, and product is ready, the filler then continuously sterilizes the bottles and caps, then fills and seals the bottles under sterile conditions. These new fillers can be paired with their laboratory UHT/HTST processors, or with their new Custom Series UHT/HTST/Aseptic Processors to create a complete laboratory processing and packaging line—just like in production.

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