MicroThermics has been the global leader in small scale, UHT/HTST, and aseptic processing for more than 30 years. Its slogan, “Always Innovating,” is the secret behind its success. But besides its equipment, what does this mean to those in food and beverage new product development?

First, MicroThermics’ clients are always innovating. They use MicroThermics systems and Miniature Plant Trials to bring their new products to market faster and more cost-effectively. These systems help products seamlessly transition from R&D to production—saving time and money. At MicroThermics, it is everyone’s responsibility to support their clients’ innovation efforts. They are always innovating to provide the best equipment and services in an ever-changing environment.

MicroThermics builds its systems like Sherman tanks. Meanwhile, the company also incorporates the latest technologies and features.  This year the company is introducing:

• A new “AI” line of processing equipment;

• Extensive new remote, live-streaming video

services (to address issues caused by COVID-19);

• Mail-In Miniature Plant Trials (with optional streaming video);

• An exciting new “virtual online” booth where visitors can come and tour MicroThermics processing lines.

New AI Line of UHT/HTST & Aseptic Processors 
MicroThermics’ new “AI” line is highly automated to dramatically simplify operation and eliminate hours of daily “non-processing operation time.” 

With the push of a button, this equipment automatically conducts its start-up, SIP, and transition to product processing conditions. Then it notifies the operator that it is ready for product processing. The equipment’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward to use. It provides detailed insights into the process through a variety of available displays, easy to understand alarms and event notifications.  

Additionally, custom programming is possible to cater to the user’s needs. When processing is complete, the system’s automated CIP timers assist the operator, and then it conducts its fully automated shut-down with the simple push of a button.

New Remote Support Services
Adding to its world-class services, MicroThermics now offers a variety of remote, face-to-face video services to support clients’ needs during COVID-19. Utilizing real-time, face-to-face streaming video, MicroThermics technicians can now perform service visits and operator certification trainings remotely. Their remote services are provided at significantly reduced rates and have no travel expenses. This ensures their clients an extremely high level of support, even in this era of limited or no travel, at a dramatically reduced cost. 

Expanded Mail-In Miniature UHT/HTST & Aseptic Processing Services

Even during the pandemic, your R&D processing still needs to get done.  MicroThermics can do it for you!  They have expanded their Mail-in Miniature Plant Trial Services.  Simply send them your products with batching instructions.  They will process your products as required and overnight your samples back to you.

Innovative Virtual 3D Video Tours 
MicroThermics soon will open a virtual, three- dimensional booth! Take a self-guided tour, or examine the equipment with a company technical representative. MicroThermics also offers customized, real-time streaming video equipment demonstrations right from its lab.  You and colleagues can have an in-depth experience with their equipment—right from your desks.

MicroThermics is “Always Innovating” for you!