Nellson, the leading full-service nutrition bar and powder provider in North America, continues its forward movement in the world of nutrition, with the addition of a new high-speed production line in its Lachine, Quebec, nutritional bar manufacturing facility. In addition, Nellson has now unified its Canadian operations in Lachine and Anjou, Quebec, under the leadership of Jean Filion, former CEO of MultiBar and current President Nellson Canada.

This investment enables the nutrition bar co-manufacturer to meet and exceed the needs of North American bar manufacturers’ brands.

“It was important to us that we bring our Canadian operations together under one management, as it combines two great teams to share best practices, accelerates decision-making, and, together with the capital investment, strengthens our value creation potential,” says Filion.“I am extremely excited by the potential of the Canadian team with its wealth of knowledge and commitment to innovation. Like our entire Nellson team, our Canadian bar team relentlessly seeks improvement to surpass our clients’ expectations in terms of service, quality and cost.”

Jamie Better is CEO at Nellson LLC’s Anaheim, Calif., headquarters.

“The unification of our Canadian operations under Jean’s leadership is another step in Nellson’s transformation over the past 18 months. This leadership change and the capital investment demonstrates our commitment to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement in all areas of the company.

“Our Canadian operations are a critical component of our bi-coastal platform which enables us to provide best-in-class product development and manufacturing capabilities, exceptional speed of execution, and outstanding customer service to our clients. The acquisition of MultiBar and NBTY’s Anaheim, Calif., powder manufacturing facility and nutritional bar operating assets positions Nellson as the unequivocal leader in nutritional bar and powder co-manufacturing in North America.”

Nellson co-manufacturing advantages include:

• Capabilities, bar none
Nellson’s newly commissioned state-of-the-art Sollich line, Peerless and conical mixers, and automated line processes throughout provide the flexibility and capability to create any type of nutrition bar. From the simplest uncoated bars to the most complex—specialty coated, sandwich layered versions—Nellson can provide exactly what bar brands need at an excellent value. Nellson has the unique capability to process real chocolate, as it possesses both the specialized equipment and expertise required for real chocolate production. Nellson also offers the efficiency of a one-stop shop, with special assemblies for display-ready pallet services, so clients don’t need to move their product to third party assemblers. In a market that demands complexity, Nellson offers the capabilities to meet those demands with state-of-the-art equipment and process expertise

• Capacity to support growth
Nellson has the production capacity to support the growth of customer brands and the flexibility to meet their surge demands. Our investment in new technology for case packing and a new centralized palletization area accommodate the speed necessary to support production lines.

• Consistent quality
Nellson’s stringent Quality Assurance processes ensure delivery of the quality customers expect—with efficient, consistent results. This gives Nellson’s customers confidence that their consumers will experience the same bar quality, taste and appearance, day-in and day-out.

• In-house Research & Development
Nellson’s in-house R&D department provides a benefit unique to nutritional bar and powder co-manufacturing. Our dedicated team of more than 40 R&D food science developers and technicians give Nellson’s customers a distinct edge. The R&D team has unrivaled knowledge of all aspects of bar and powder development and manufacturing to facilitate success. The Nellson R&D team understands that there is a difference between developing a bar or powder and actually manufacturing it. With a solid understanding of profiles and flavors, manufacturing processes and equipment, the R&D team at Nellson enables clients to get new and innovative products to market at record speed.

About Nellson
Nellson, the leading full-service nutritional bar and powder provider in North America, is based in Anaheim, California, with production locations in California, Utah, and Quebec. Founded in 1962, Nellson has over 50 years of diversified expertise in nutrition platforms for bars and powders, serving the wellness, sports nutrition, weight management, snack/breakfast, and functional market segments. Nellson offers technical capabilities, quality assurance, flexible production, research and development, and sales and marketing support. Nellson is owned by Kohlberg & Company, a leading US middle-market private equity firm based in Mount Kisco, NY.

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