Lavazza launched Intenso, a coffee experience set to satisfy the palates of the growing number of coffee lovers who prefer an intense, dark-roasted flavor. A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, Intenso's dark roasting enhances strength and body, making way for a lingering, dynamic and characteristically Italian taste profile. This introduction represents a passionate pursuit in Lavazza's commitment to achieving a standard in the premium coffee category.

Lavazza's story began in Italy in 1895, in a small torrefazione (roastery) where founder Luigi Lavazza invented the art of blending. Today, with that same passion and expertise, Lavazza shares Intenso, a traditional recipe plucked from the family's 121-year-old archive, featuring a balance of smoky and caramelized flavors with warm chocolaty notes. This authentic profile produces an impeccable aroma and full-bodied taste that lovers of Italian coffee will relish.

"Lavazza has held itself to a high standard of creating only the finest coffee since Luigi Lavazza began blending 121 years ago," remarked Ennio Ranaboldo, CEO of Lavazza North America. "It is this devotion to refinement, quality and tradition that makes us proud to expand our line of coffees with Intenso. It is a truly unique recipe that still remains true to our Italian heritage and one that we are excited for our customers to try."