Formulating Whipped Toppings with Non-Hydro Fats

AAK, a leading global manufacturer of high value-adding specialty vegetable fats, presented “Formulating Whipped Toppings with Non-Hydro Fats” at Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar, Chicago.

The technical presentation, given by AAK Customer Innovation Manager Monica Zelaya-Brown, highlighted the basics of whipped toppings, as well as the critical properties and requirements for successful whipped topping applications. The presentation also explored and compared features and benefits of hydro versus non-hydro and trans fat-free solutions.

“Recent consumer demand and current FDA rulings regarding healthier food products have posed challenges for some food manufacturers,” adds Terry Thomas, president, AAK USA Inc. “For instance, whipped toppings have historically been a bit challenging for manufacturers to manage, and in general, hydro-based whipped toppings have been the easiest to manufacture. AAK’s expertise in dealing with complex non-hydro solutions provides our customers with successful, non-hydro whipped toppings solutions that offer the performance and stability they require.”

Whipped toppings are oil-in-water emulsion-based foams that require both pourability (for handling and storage) as well as whippability (for their final application). Performance—and success—rely on a matrix of factors and interactions of ingredients that include fats, proteins, sugars, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and stabilizers. As the key ingredient, fat is crucial for whippability, foam and freeze/thaw stability.

Vegetable fats are the key to enabling low-fat whipped topping products, as they increase overrun (the ultimate volume of the whipped topping) and improve both foam and freeze/thaw stability. In the past, non-hydro whipped topping solutions tended to be less process-tolerant and less shelf-stable, but AAK’s extensive knowledge of the pertinent matrix and ingredient functionality has improved both process tolerance and shelflife stability by adding critical, carefully selected stabilizer ingredients to the process.

The result is a non-hydro, trans fat-free whipped topping that is more process tolerant than before, lower in saturated fat, and stable under proper storage and maturation conditions.

Zelaya-Brown said AAK’s non-hydro whipped topping solutions …

… are easy to use due to a solid fat content (SFC) which is a close match to hydrogenated fat standards;

… have shorter time to market since they perform in a wide range of formulas;

… satisfy customer end-use needs with excellent overrun, foam, freeze and thaw stability; and

… improve brand image by offering clean label claims including trans fat-free, non-hydrogenated and vegetable fat

Thomas adds, “As the co-development company, AAK works with our customers to provide excellent performance. We are proud to continue to offer successful clean label, non-hydro solutions to the complex applications our customers offer their customers.”

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Originally appeared in the July, 2016 issue of Prepared Foods as Fat Formulating.