Land O’Frost, Inc., a seller of pre-sliced, pre-packaged lunchmeats, launched Deli Snackers™, a baked, meat snack made from high-quality, oven roasted meats. Deli Snackers are a healthy meat snack option and are available in an assortment of flavors, ranging from traditional favorites to bold and spicy.

Today, 78% of consumers feel that protein contributes to a healthy diet and more than half say they want more of it in their diets. Land O’Frost’s new Deli Snackers line is a healthy and protein-rich choice that makes it easier for consumers to pack more protein into their busy days by offering more than 10 grams of nourishing protein and just 80 calories per 2-ounce serving. Deli Snackers also provides a flavorful and convenient option as snacking continues to become an integral part of consumer eating habits.

“At Land O’Frost, we’re always keeping a pulse on consumer trends and looking for ways to introduce new offerings to meet the desires and needs of our customers,” said Keith Hill, director of brand management for Land O’Frost. “We know consumers are looking to snack more throughout the day while also finding ways to get more protein in their diets. Our new line of Deli Snackers provides a healthy, tasty and versatile meat snack option that we know will excite shoppers.”

Deli Snackers are a grab-and-go treat and come in six varieties, including: Black Forest Ham, Hot & Smokey Ham, Vermont Maple Ham, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Breast and Buffalo Chicken Breast.

In addition to 10 grams of protein and just 80 calories per 2-ounce serving, Deli Snackers offer many other important attributes that help consumers meet their healthy eating and snacking goals, including:

• No more than 3 grams of fat per serving

• Less than 400 mg of sodium per serving

• An ideal snack portion of 12-14 pieces per package