In 2003 BOBO'S OAT BARS was born on a rainy afternoon when founder Beryl Stafford and her oldest daughter, Alex, who was affectionately nicknamed "Bobo," baked a batch of oat bars in their kitchen. Beryl took these oat bars to a local coffee shop, where they quickly became a Boulder, Colo., favorite. BOBO'S baked-from-scratch oat bars are now sold nationwide, and is announcing a brand new name, a refreshed look and five new flavors to an already impressive product lineup.

Today BOBO'S OAT BARS becomes simply - BOBO'S. The new name and logo, displayed largely on the brand's new packaging, represents the playful authenticity of a brand born out of love from a mother's kitchen. The new packaging itself touts a clean, fresh look while retaining the fun colors BOBO'S fans associate with each flavor and the transparent window so customers can still see the bar inside.

Also featured in the brand's new packaging, the "Bobo" character herself is more prominently displayed, still sporting her quintessential heart t-shirt to remind customers that each and every bar is baked from the heart, with simple, wholesome ingredients. The Bobo character, originally designed in 2003 by Robin Hiers, an artist and long-time friend of Stafford's, channels the roots of the brand - a strong connection between mothers and daughters - an important element of its identity.