Theo Chocolate, an award-winning organic, fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate maker, is launching a new line of snacks, Theo Chocolate Clusters, designed to offer consumers a healthier chocolate-based snacking alternative. Each bite-size Cluster combines dark chocolate with whole-food ingredients and a minimum of 50 milligrams of cocoa flavanols per serving. Theo Chocolate Clusters are specially formulated with Theo’s own proprietary flavanol-rich cocoa extract and are an excellent source of fiber and iron.
While dark chocolate is widely known to be good for you, not all chocolate products are created equal. Cocoa flavanols, the unique phytonutrients found naturally in the cocoa bean, unlock the true promise of chocolate by supporting healthy blood flow, which is important to cognitive, skin, and cardiovascular health. Most consumers are unaware that the flavanol content in chocolate products is unregulated. In fact, studies show that the percentage of dark chocolate does not necessarily correlate with flavanol content. Theo ensures that each serving of Chocolate Clusters contains a minimum of 50 mg of cocoa flavanols, helping consumers experience the functional health benefits of flavanols in a tasty, convenient treat.
Theo Chocolate Clusters feature a combination of crispy quinoa, toasted coconut, dark chocolate, and cocoa flavanols in three trending flavors:

• Salted Almond: Almonds, dates, and chia seeds with a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt

• Turmeric Coconut: Ground turmeric and coconut with puffed sorghum

• Lemon Hemp: Hemp seeds and puffed sorghum with lemon essential oil