Brookside Chocolate is the ideal snack for discovering unique flavor combinations, and the latest offering adds an unexpected crunch. Introduced today from The Hershey Company, Brookside Chocolate's Crunchy Clusters combine crispy multigrains of rice, toasted oats, and graham cracker bits with fruit flavored centers covered in smooth dark chocolate. With its unique ingredients and texture, Brookside Chocolate's Crunchy Clusters is the ideal snack for discovering an enticingly delicious taste experience. 


An offering for those who want to discover the ultimate chocolate experience, Brookside Chocolate's Crunchy Clusters is where flavor exploration happens. To illustrate how new Brookside Chocolate's Crunchy Clusters can feed a passion for discovery, Brookside Chocolate has teamed up with travel expert Lee Abbamonte to unveil his "Top 10 Destinations to Discover in 2015." As the youngest American to visit every country in the world, Abbamonte has dedicated his life to finding and creating new adventures.

"For me, having new and unexpected experiences is one of the great joys of travel and that is why I created a list of Top 10 Destinations to Discover in 2015," said Abbamonte. "I'm always on the lookout for things that are unique, whether it's culture, music or food, and I am excited to be working with Brookside Chocolate's Crunchy Clusters as this new snack is perfect for anyone who has a sense of adventure like me."