Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc. has changed its name to Clasen Quality Chocolate, Inc. (CQC). CQC is a privately-held company based in Madison, Wis., that supplies a wide variety of chocolate and confectionery coatings to food manufacturers and private label grocery brands across the country.  

CQC also recently launched several of its own brands of baking chocolate, including Artisan Kettle™ Organic and Kitchen Hearth™ Chocolate Chips, which are available in select retailers. 

“Our new name reflects our company’s increasing focus on chocolate as we expand our portfolio of high-quality consumer and industrial products to better serve our customers,” says Beth Goeddel, vice president of marketing and strategy. 

Chocolate is on trend with consumers, with chocolate appearing in foods eaten throughout the day, from traditional sweets and treats to energy bars, trail mixes, spreads, and more.  And according to IRI data, the retail baking chocolate market, which CQC recently entered, is seeing strong growth in sales of organic and private label baking chips.  

CQC’s product lines include organic and conventional chocolate, in semisweet, bittersweet, milk and white varieties, and various flavored and colored confectionery coatings such as Sea Salt Caramel, Cinnamon Cream Cheese and White Peppermint, as well as allergen free and natural offerings.

Product shapes include wafers, chips, chunks and blocks, and liquid to be used for baked goods, cookies, snack bars, health bars, ice cream and novelties, truffles, cakes, pastries, and much more.  

The name change is effective immediately. 

“CQC will continue to be a leading supplier of confectionery coatings, while strengthening our position in chocolate in order to best serve our valued customers," says company owner and President, Jay Jensen. “Our customers count on us to deliver superior customer service, operational excellence, a commitment to quality and cutting edge innovation in order to meet their growing needs.  We look forward to continuing to deliver on those promises as we expand our product offerings.”

About Clasen Quality Chocolate 

Clasen Quality Chocolate is a major supplier of chocolate and confectionery coatings to food manufacturers and private label grocery brands across the country, and markets several brands of baking chocolate, available in select retailers.  Family owned and operated since 1998, CQC is committed to manufacturing the highest-quality, best tasting chocolate and coatings there are to offer.  CQC provides the food industry unparalleled capabilities for innovation and customization to meet trends and new product development requirements in an ever-changing market. 

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