American Flatbread is launching its newest product, Hot Frustas, which are a unique take on Italian street food. Hot Frustas are an option for a quick meal, an easy appetizer or a savory side dish. The Hot Frustas are available in three flavors: Tomato and Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork and Uncured Pepperoni and Bacon. American Flatbread’s Hot Frustas are a restaurant quality product and are handmade using premium ingredients. They do not contain any GMOs, artificial preservatives, flavors or fillers. The Hot Frustas retail between $6.99 – $7.99 and will be available in select retailers across the country.

Tomato and Cheese: Artisanal tomato sauce with diced heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar and asiago cheese

BBQ Pulled Pork: Smokey pulled pork with barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese

Uncured Pepperoni and Bacon: Pepperoni and bacon with ricotta, mozzarella and artisanal tomato sauce

American Flatbread’s additional product offerings include premium handmade frozen flatbreads that are wood-fired in earthen ovens and made with organic and all natural ingredients. The flatbreads have a light, crisp and flavorful bite. They are offered in a wide variety of flavors including the new meat-topped varieties: Pulled Pork & Pineapple, Pulled Pork, Pineapple & Jalapeno and Uncured Pepperoni & Uncured Bacon.