Seattle Restaurateur Tom Douglas recently created Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen Mustards under his Rub with Love label. Joining his line of spice rubs and specialty sauces, these three new mustards are a potential addition to any kitchen’s condiment selection.   
“For years, we have been making mustards to go with our awesome yeasty pretzels at the Brave Horse Tavern,” says Tom Douglas, Seattle-­‐based chef, restaurateur and James Beard award winner. “Now, we are excited to offer these mustards to chefs and home cooks around the country so they can discover a variety of uses for them in their own kitchens.” 
These three new offerings, Spicy Chili, Toasted Shallot, and NW Porter, are crafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. The line was created with the adventurous home chef in mind. Each with a unique flavor profile that proves to be versatile enough to use in sauces, dips and marinades across a variety of cuisines.  
Spicy Chili Mustard: A combination of heat from chipotle puree and crushed red chili pepper that is balanced with a vinegary finish. 

Toasted Shallot Mustard: With zesty Dijon and aromatic roasted shallots, use this mustard to add a savory note to weeknight vinaigrettes or finishing sauces.  

NW Porter Mustard: With notes of toasted malt, smoky paprika and a hint of roasted coffee, this could be paired with sandwiches on pumpernickel bread, Italian sausages or Bravehorse Tavern pretzels.