Kitchen Crafted®, a gourmet maker of signature blends of herbs and spices, launched BLND™, a line of 100% natural and gluten-free seasonings available in eight different flavors. Available in two different categories, “Fire Up the Grill” and “Savor the Flavor,” the new seasonings will join Kitchen Crafted’s already existing line of SPRD®, an all-natural and gluten-free spread.

The new line of seasoning blends includes:

  • Fire Up the Grill: Fire N’ Lime, Kansas City Smoker, Bayou Catch, Mumbai Masala
  • Savor the Flavor: Love My Chai, Herbes de Provence, Italiana Cucina, Old Montreal

“At Kitchen Crafted, our goal is to help mindful eaters get more life and flavor out of our products – our new spices offer the flavors from different origins including Indian, Italian and French roots to appeal to a wide variety of tastes,” said Niroo Kamdar, co-founder of Kitchen Crafted®. “With the U.S. seasoning and spice market expected to grow to more than $4.5 billion by 2020, we’ve specifically crafted a new gourmet product that will transform every foodie’s favorite dish.”

The line of signature spice BLNDs can be used for adding flavor to an assortment of foods including meat, seafood, stews, drinks, teas and even ice cream.