Petit Pot debuted its luxurious, and creamy new line of Pot de Crème and Riz Au Lait. Petit Pot’s new line of Riz Au Lait is the only organic rice pudding on the market. Petit Pot’s line of Pot de Crème builds an exciting category of gourmet French puddings made with superior and organic dairy and other clean label ingredients. For the brand’s devoted following, Petit Pot hits the sweet spot with both clean label ingredients and decadent French pastry indulgence.

"French pastry and the natural foods movement share a commitment to the best ingredients,” says French Pastry Chef and Petit Pot Founder Maxime Pouvreau. “Our Pot de Crème and Riz Aut Lait are a transporting taste experiences for two simple reasons: ingredient quality and craft.”

Created by a French pastry chef who hails from Michelin Star restaurants in both Paris and San Francisco, Petit Pot creates a new standard in retail desserts. Petit Pot’s line of Pot De Crème comes in Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lemon Curd and Coffee. Every expression is clean label gourmet with as few as seven of the best ingredient combined into sublime flavor. Petit Pot’s Riz Aut Lait is the only organic rice pudding on the market and is rich, textured and refreshing. A dessert by Petit Pot helps customers both enjoy their indulgences more and feel better about the ingredients.

Both the Petit Pot line of Pot de Crème and Riz Aut Lait come in single-serve glass jars as a testament to their quality and gourmet flavor. Petit Pot Pot de Crème are single serve desserts packaged in reusable glass jars with an SRP of $3.99. Petit Pot Riz Aut Lait is sold in reusable glass jar 2-pack sets perfect to share with an SRP of $5.99 for the set of two.