Field Roast Grain Meat Company announced the launch of 10 new products that will open new markets for the company’s flavor-first vegan and vegetarian foods. The new products, launched exclusively at the Natural Foods Expo West event, will enhance its product offerings with seasonal offerings and move Field Roast into the growing snack and comfort food market. 
The new products include four new items with the fan-favorite CHAO® cheese; a new Seasonal Sausage line with three flavors; and three freezer offerings: Fruffalo Wings, Sunflower Katsu Cutlets, and Miniature Corn Dogs, each made with natural and flavorful ingredients. 
The original maker of vegetarian grain meats, Field Roast uses only fresh, natural ingredients – grains, vegetables, legumes and spices – to craft all of its artisan offerings. A healthier option, Field Roast products are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, contain zero trans-fats and cholesterol and contain locally sourced ingredients. In line with Field Roast’s core principal of sustainability, the company aims to care for their employees, customers, community and the planet.
Since the company’s debut in 1997, Field Roast has been an innovator in the vegan and vegetarian market by creating flavor-rich products that do not mimic traditional meat products. Instead, they offer bold new flavors that are popular for all eaters; from vegans and vegetarians to traditional meat eaters or flexitarians who are constantly looking for new products and enjoy a rich variety of food options.
The complete new lineup includes:
• Creamy Mac n Chao - Classic favorite! Tender pasta covered in a rich sauce made from Creamy Original Chao Slices.
• Chili Mac n Chao - Zesty combination of tender pasta and a sauce made using Tomato Cayenne Chao Slices and a spicy bean chili with our own FieldBurger.
• Chao Mayo
• Chao Butter

• Seasonal Bratwurst Sausage (Memorial Day to Oktoberfest) – Made with cascade hops, chunks of caramelized onions, and spent grant left over from the beer brewing process.
• Seasonal Lil' Smokies (Holiday Season November-February, Super Bowl) – Mini smoky sausages made with garlic and paprika that aren’t too spicy and are for preparing via skillet or microwave.
• Seasonal Hawaiian Sausage (Spring February-May) – A flavorful grain meat sausage with coconut, pineapple and Hawaiian taro root and ginger.

• Fruffalo Wings – A tasty contrast between sweet and smoky, these Field Roast smoked apple sage sausages are cut, lightly battered and par fried.
• Sunflower Katsu Cutlet – Appropriate as center of the plate with or without gravy, these tasty cutlets are battered, breaded and par fried.
• Miniature Corn Dogs – A sublime balance of juicy and savory, these savory frankfurters with sweet corn batter are an easy 15-minute bake at home.