Evolution Salt Co.introduced a new full line of premium gourmet seasoning blends and finishing salts.  Available in 3.3-ounce and 2.5-ounce beautifully packaged glass jars, this new line is non-GMO and Gluten-Free certified. The new seasoning blends - made with 100% natural ingredients - include vegetable, poultry, seafood and red meat offerings. The finishing salts are a way to top off a recipe and include basil, garlic and rosemary varieties. These hand-crafted seasonings will spice up any meal whether grilling, roasting, baking or barbecuing. Cooking with all-natural Himalayan pink salt presents a myriad of culinary experiences and presentations. Evolution Salt Co. products are available nationwide at grocery retailers and specialty food stores.

In the Himalayan Pink Salt Finishing Salts line are Basil, Rosemary and Garlic. These finishing salts are used for taste, texture and make any dish more visually appealing. Used at the end of the cooking or baking process to "finish" a dish, they deliver the right amount of flavor. Retail price is $5.99. 

The Spice Blend collection - which retails for $6.99 - includes:  Himalayan Pink Salt Spice Blend for Poultry (3.3-ounce) - ingredients include Himalayan salt, honey granules, orange peel, garlic, sage and cloves. This blend has a wonderful fragrance and flavor with the interesting blend of cloves and orange peel. Himalayan Pink Salt Spice Blend for Vegetable: (2.5-ounce) - ingredients include Himalayan salt, orange peel, garlic, sage, cumin, porcini mushroom and bay leaf.